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We've at last been able to find time to put up signs at our Syntec GRC manufacturing plant


We’ve been so busy manufacturing GRC we haven’t has time to put up the signs which would make life just a little easier for our customers and suppliers.¬† We’ve now managed to sort that and anyone travelling into Rotherham from the M1 should be easily able to find us.

The facility produces not only traditional spray and premix GRC but our high performance UHPGRC. All are defined by very high levels of process control and testing way beyond anything we believe any other manufacturer in UK and Europe offers. Customers  will be able to see not only production of GRC panels but factory testing process etc. Also as part of our quality control processes we test at least 4 randomly selected panels per month which we encourage customers to pick during their visits.

For those wishing to understand more the complete process involved in the production of high quality GRC our sister companies Synergies Moulds and GRC Synergies UKAS accredited laboratory facilities are only a 15 minute drive which we believe making a day spent with us worthwhile for any industry professional using GRC.

If you want to see how it should be done and compare what we do compared to other GRC manufacturers come and pay us a visit.