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GRC is a complex composite which has more in common with high tech material used in industries such as aerospace than conventional concrete.

Although introduced in the 1970s the need for high levels of process and quality control were ignored by manufacturers resulting in many in-service product failures. This curtailed the use of what, when correctly manufactured, is a highly durable material with expected product lives well in excess of 60 years.

Through the tireless efforts of companies like ours GRC has made an astonishing return to the market and is know probably regarded as a mainstream construction material.  However this expansion has only happened over the last few years leaving many specifiers, users and indeed some manufacturers with little real knowledge of the material and its application.

In order to help and assist everyone involved with GRC we have created this GRC Resource Centre which hopefully some help and clarity on what we feel are important subject matters.

Of course this is only general advice and should not be used on a project specific basis where specialist input is required. In these instances we are happy to provide consultancy services on any aspect of the GRC supply chain process.

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GRCA Specification for GRC

The GRCA publication entitled Specification for the Manufacture, Curing and Testing of GRC products is used by many specifiers in the UK .

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GRC Technical Note 1

This Technical Note provides specifiers, users and manufacturers with information about differential movement between facing and back coats

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GRC Technical Note 2

This Technical Note provides specifiers, users and manufacturers with information about the significance of the GRC Density Test

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