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Synergies – “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects”


For over 30 years PBS Synergies has been at the forefront of the UK cast stone and Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) manufacturing industries.

Today we specialise in using our practical skill and knowledge to a provide a wide range of support services to both the UK and global GRC community. Our activities include acting as consultants to specifiers, buyers and manufacturers of GRC products as well as on site installation services.

Our logistics division provides road transport and storage services not only to GRC manufacturers but anyone involved in the supply of construction materials and products.

We believe that working together means working better. Collaborative partnerships which benefit all participants.

See what we do below and let’s see what we can achieve together ……..


We don’t just work together with suppliers and customers we also strive to be better by attaining high levels of third-party accreditation and learning from others operating in our various industry sectors.

All our operations are compliant to the ISO 9001 quality management system. We are a FORS Silver accredited fleet operator and are active members of the International Glass fibre Reinforced Concrete Association.


GRC is an incredibly complex composite  material with an internal structure more comparable to high tech materials used in the aerospace industry than other forms of precast concrete. As a consequence the manufacture and application of building components manufactured from GRC requires a far more stringent and process driven approach to design, manufacture and installation along with associated quality and testing regimes.

With a vast practical knowledge in all aspects of the GRC supply chain we can can provide experienced based consultancy resources to both specifiers, users and manufacturers of what is still an emerging mainstream construction material



Installation of manufactured products is an area of the GRC industry that is not covered by any meaningful standards or specifications.

Often the works are entrusted to sub-contractors who have little, if any, knowledge or practical experience of the material and are not governed by any compliance requirements. This of course can create huge problems in the final delivery of any given project.

In the UK we can provide the final “link in the chain” by combining our knowledge of GRC, logistics and on-site activities to ensure correctly installed products which will perform as intended over the lifespan of any particular construction project.


We have been operating heavy goods vehicles to support our cast stone and GRC manufacturing businesses for nearly 30 years.

Today our transport division operates as a specialist logistics solutions provider delivering not only cast stone and GRC but other construction materials. Irrespective of what we are transporting our driving principles of professionalism and high levels of customer service dominate all our activities.




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