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The starting point of any successfully executed GRC project is a robust engineering process that ensures all known and verifiable material properties are incorporated into to the design of the particular unit in order it can resist all loads that it will be subjected to during it’s in-service life.

During this process consideration has to be given to not only how the design can be efficiently manufactured but also installed. We call this Design for Manufacture and Installation (DFMI).

From the outset we will interact with our design engineers using our vast experience to ensure cost effective production and final installation. This will include how the components are stiffened, how they will be demoulded, transported and then distributed to the actual point of installation. Equally important is the fabrication of not only the support/restraint brackets but any incorporated features such as fire barrier expansion stops etc.

At this stage we will also consider the visual requirements of the project and working with our sister company The GRC Centre design a fully tested, verified and  bespoke architectural facing mix.




Our background in manufacturing along with our relationship with most of the UK and Europe’s leading manufacturers allows us to match project requirements to the producer most suited for any given application. Where one manufacturer may have expertise in ultra high quality premix another may have extensive experience in stud frame strengthening.

Once a manufacturing partner is selected we will work together to ensure only the highest quality products are used on any of our projects. As a company renowned for our quality control and testing procedures we will work in collaboration with the producer to ensure all products meet project demands in relation to both performance and visual outputs.

At the same time as the GRC is being manufactured our fabrication partners will be manufacturing all required support and restraint brackets. Often these are two part multi adjustable items allowing us to complete full bracket installation ahead of the insulation/water membranes etc.


Often thought of as the least important part of the GRC project delivery we take installation to a whole new level.

Once manufactured products are collected, either from the UK or Europe by our own transport and taken to our central distribution and storage hub in Yorkshire. Here our logistics team will co-ordinate with our installation team to ensure that only the actual components to be used in a particular week are transported to site. In this way we can not only ensure a quick installation process without the distraction of searching for components etc. but importantly minimise required site storage and damage.

Units are transported to site packed in the installations sequence on either 26 tonne rigid or 44 articulated vehicles with flatbed trailers. Where possible we will leave a trailer on site and distribute directly or offload ourselves using our own demountable forklifts.

During the install process our experienced team of factory trained supervisors and managers will fully check components for quality compliance reducing any post installation rectification or remedial works.


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