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Design Supply and Fit

Typically in the UK  GRC cladding elements are procured from a manufacturer and then installed by a labour only sub-contractor. Very few manufacturers offer a full design, supply and fit service.

Whilst this supply chain method may on the surface appear the most cost effective this is seldom the reality. Design and manufacture almost always take place independently from considerations of efficient installation. Logistics are provided by the manufacturer, generally to best suit production sequencing resulting in large amounts of products either on site or at off-site storage. This does not result in an efficient or indeed overall cost effective solution.

It also exposes the buyer to larger risks in both programme deliver and accountability in the event of the many issues that can arise with the sue of GRC.

Our integrated service, along with our ability to source the most suitable GRC manufacturer for any given project and our uncompromising attitude to quality and compliance can provide the most economical and simple method of GRC procurement and project delivery.


For customers wishing to arrange their own GRC procurement we can offer labour only GRC installation.

All our team are fully experienced in working with both GRC and architectural stonework.  Our site managers are all from a GRC manufacturing background with at least 5 years manufacturing experience which means we can quickly identify any production issues and rapidly progress any necessary corrective actions.

We’ve been carrying out Cast Stone/GRC installations for nearly 30 years and have worked together with many of our colleagues since those early days. Always we have strived to be problem solvers, often adopting unique solutions to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget


Occasionally expectations of visual appearance are not attained during the manufacturing process. Damage during installation is virtually impossible to avoid.

With our expertise in architectural precast spanning over 30 years as a manufacturer we have perfected the art of repair expertise including rectifying damaged units, and blending in non aligned  edges to adjacent elements.

We can also apply sealants and colour harmonisation products post production.

In instances where there are structural failures of the GRC we can removed panels and are sometimes able to provide additional strengthening before re-installing.

In the event of full replacements being required our group laboratory can develop matching architectural face coats allowing us to procure replacement units from our supply chain partners.


Providing quality and compliance support

The PBS Synergies Group operates the fully independent GRC CENTRE which provides 3rd part compliance and quality control consultancy to anyone involved in projects featuring GRC cladding.

The GRC Centre supports all our design, supply and fit and installation projects ensuring that only the highest quality GRC products are installed onto the buildings we work on.

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