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It's important that specifiers and users understand that all GRC standards in use throughout both the UK and Europe are universal irrespective to the product application 

In practice this results in GRC/GFRC manufacturers producing small architectural dressings for private residential developments are manufactured to the same standard as those manufacturing and supplying city centre tower blocks, sometimes up to 300 metres tall. This is because both the GRCA Specification and BS EN 1169 are specifically designed to ensure minimum levels of quality control systems are in place.

These standards are not necessarily suitable for certain applications where the consequence of risk, for what is a generally a handmade product, can be very significant.

We can develop project specific specifications and resulting Inspection and Testing Plans (ITPs) which are commensurate with this risk of failure. Once implemented into the project requirements we can then provide impartial and independent Factory Production Inspections and third party testing to ensure continued compliance

Some of the additional measures we can introduce on a project specific basis are

Full quality control checking of raw materials

Proof testing covering freeze-thaw, impact resistance and long term ageing properties of the GRC/GFRC mix design.

Proof testing of project developed facing mixes to ensure compatibility with the GRC/GFRC backing mix.

Review of demoulding plans to avoid young units being stressed beyond the “elastic” limit

Review of packing and vehicle loading plans to avoid overstressing

Production testing of embedded anchors and inserts for both tensile and shear load capacity.

Flexural bending and density testing on manufactured products rather than reliance on specially produced test boards

Factory production control inspections

Third party verification testing

None of the above form part of any current specification used in the UK or Europe.

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