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GRC Logistics


With our experience of manufacturing we have perfected the art of GRC logistics

GRC is one of the most complex construction materials and the correct storage, loading and delivery of what are often complex shapes and sizes is as challenging as any other aspect of the end-end manufacturing and supply process.

Units are generally transported when they are at around 95% of development strength however an understanding of the material is required when strapping down to the vehicle deck. Loads exerted onto returns etc. from ratchet straps can exceed the actual design loads and therefore careful consideration needs to be be given to strapping points

All our drivers are given training on what conditions they are likely to encounter when loading GRC and how to avoid any damage to manufactured products whilst ensuring there is no pallet/stillage movement during transit.

Correct offloading is critical to ensure units arrive on site free from damage.

GRC can be easily damaged during the offloading phase of the delivery. Whilst the material is inherently strong it will not withstand impact by pallet forks etc. with sustaining minor damage which then can cause installers delays in carrying out post delivery repairs.

For this reason all our GRC deliveries are made with Moffett demountable forklifts. For over 30 years we have found these incredible machines ideal for handling palletised high value and build path sensitive construction products. All our drivers are fully trained and certified ensuring the delivered GRC is in exactly the same condition when it arrives on site as when it left the factory

Maximum loading density for cost effective transportation

The main advantage of GRC is it’s weight at around 75% lighter than equivalent architectural precast. For this reason the most popular application is on high rise buildings in busy city centres where the weight saving translates into massive costs in foundations and load bearing structures.

These locations, do however pose considerable cost burden on manufacturers. Weight is seldom an issue when loading delivery vehicles, however platform footprint is.

We have solved that problem by using innovative decked systems in our 26 tonne rigid GRC deliver vehicles. This allows us to deliver a larger payload on a vehicle with a overall length approximately 30% less than a typical articulated tractor and trailer combination.

With rear wheel steer, full 360 degree camera systems and full DVS compliance these vehicles can access the most restricted sites without compromising GRC payload.  Of course smaller engine capacities and less axles also ensure a more environmentally friendly and lower CO2 impact on the overall construction project.

We believe all good business relationships are built on working together, and that all begins with a conversation. Get in touch today to discuss your GRC logistics needs – we’re here to help.