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GRC Facing Coat Mixes


We can develop GRC Facing Coat mixes suitable for use with any standard GRC Spray or Premix mix design

As most manufacturers know the development, testing and application is not covered in either the GRCA Specification or BS EN 1169.

Various factors have to be considered including

Dimensional stability compatibility with the GRC backing to avoid crazing and cracking developing

Reaction to freeze-thaw exposure

Impact resistance

Ease of spraying especially against vertical mould sides.

Meeting architects aspirational requirements

Developing these mixes can take time and effort which manufacturers can ill afford and are often not equipped to carry out.  With our practical experience and extensive laboratory testing facilities we can provide help and assistance to refine designs which are not only architectural attractive but are durable and long lasting

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We offer a range of fully developed GRC Facing Coat mixes which have been tested for both composite compatibility and in-service durability

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