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GRC Consultancy Solutions for Manufacturers


For companies wishing to enter the rapidly expanding GRC Industry

No-one has the breadth of experience PBS Synergies can offer would be GRC manufacturers.

Since 2009 we have established and operated from a standing start  2 GRC businesses which today, probably are the two largest outputting facilities in the UK. In 2018 we also assisted the Lindner Group in establishing their GRC manufacturing plant in Bavaria. Today the plant is a major supplier to the European market.

Our expertise spans every aspect of the GRC supply chain with PBS Synergies owned subsidiary companies having carried out  major design, manufacture and installation projects in the UK.

We were also the first company in Europe to establish a full ISO 17025:2017 certified testing laboratory for GRCA, BS, EN and ASTM test methods and standards.

Thanks to our long standing relationships with equipment and raw material suppliers we can access the latest in technical advances in both manufacturing and testing equipment and supply certain critical raw materials.

We know, from are own experience the cost and timeline of starting GRC production from a standing start is significant. Provided a client has an existing suitable business we can have a fully operational GRC business operating with 3-4 months manufacturing high quality and compliant GRC products


Assisting existing GRC manufacturers

We can help GRC manufacturers improve both quality, efficiency, market perception, standards compliance and ultimately profitability

Upgrading batching, mixing and spraying plant

Improving mix designs to assist with workability and speed of spraying/compaction.

Developing new and quicker methods of strengthening elements that reduce reliance on skilled spray teams

Ensuring face/backing coat compatibility

Enhancing quality control processes

Ensuring output compliance to GRCA Specification,  BS EN 1169 and PCI MNL 130-09

Developing in-house laboratory testing facilities and methods to GRCA Methods of Testing, BS EN 1170 Series, applicable ASTMs

Introducing ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Gaining ISO 17025 Laboratory accreditation for GRC testing


We believe all good business relationships are built on working together, and that all begins with a conversation. Get in touch today to discuss your GRC consultancy needs – we’re here to help.