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We have now sold our manufacturing, testing and mould subsidiaries to BB Fiberbeton A/S


BB Fiberbeton A/S are majority owned and controlled by Jysk/Fynsk Kapital A/S a large Danish investment company. The Company offers to make new capital available to small and medium-sized Danish companies and provides an active professional leadership.

The purchase and subsequent capital investment will ensure that the companies new Aven facility will be able to expand, maximise outputs and make a significant contribution to the GRC industry in the UK.

Under the purchase it is likely that Syntec GRC, GRC Synergies and Synergies Moulds will be integrated in the manufacturing operations with all companies ultimately operating from the Aven site.

This is the second sale of GRC manufacturing business formed and operated by PBS Synergies and we are proud that the foundations we have laid are now being built on by larger organisations who value what we have been able to create.

As part of the sale agreement and for at least the next twelve months PBS Synergies will maintain an active day to day involvement to allow ultimate total operational control from Denmark. During this period PBS Synergies will continue to develop the group’s installation and logistics divisions which were not included as part of the sale.