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Concrete & Stone.

Welcome to PBS Synergies Group, one of the UK’s leading stonework and architectural precast concrete specialists. Natural and artificial stonework has been used by architects and builders for more than two millennium and in the 21st century remains as popular as ever. The evolution of stone dressings, masonry and cladding has seen artificial or reconstructed stone become the most popular form of stonework and can be seen on building ranging from small domestic residences to award winning multi-million pound developments.

Today modern forms of artificial stonework such as Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC/GFRC) and Ultra High Performance Concrete Performance (UHPC) are becoming increasingly popular. These composite materials allow designers not only to achieve the aesthetics and durability of natural stone but achieve shapes and sizes not remotely possible with other types of stone or precast concrete. They also offer the added benefits of massive weight reductions and lower environmental impact during the manufacturing and distribution phases.